Eternal Bastion
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Eternal Bastion Story plot

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Eternal Bastion Story plot Empty Eternal Bastion Story plot

Post  Fullmetal_Alchemist on Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:33 pm

X.A.N.A is corporation that creates almost everything, it's hard to find a common house-hold item that isn't a X.A.N.A industries product. X.A.N.A has been studying Bio-war fare, and have cunducted disgraceful experiments on human beings. Because of this, the Government stopped funding their research, and most of their workers where laid off because of budget cuts. X.A.N.A has bought most of the internet and phone companies with the money they had, giving them control over half of the world's internet.they went into hiding for about five years, but have recently been using a machine they have created over those five years to digitize their soldiers, armed with bio-weapons, and send them through the internet, where they crawl through ppl's computer screens and cunduct their medical experiments.
not very many ppl survived sane, as most of them inherated a power, but in exchange for that, they lost their human figure and intelligence, leaving them as mutants with only simple instincts, and a VICIOUSE aggressiveness, they where called Crawlers.
Anyone who WAS lucky enough to keep their sanity, they also kept their human forms and adopted powerd, but their powers where lacking and in-complete, they where knon as Cast Aways.
X.A.N.A has turned all of New yorks citizens into Either a Crawler or a castaway, and they have been trying to keep the level of Crawlers to a minimum, while trying to eradicate the cast Away population.

New York City has now been divided among the three "teams", Castaways prowl the roof tops and building, while the Crawlers stay on the ground and in the darkness of the ally ways and subways.
X.A.N.A has lost most of it's land in a constant fight with the Crawlers, and only own the building they monitor from.

Only one man has ever been known to take down X.A.N.A, and his name was Cyrus.
Cyrus Disappeared three years ago, but is still sending messages to Crawlers and Castaways to keep them updated on X.A.N.A and news about the area.

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