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RPing Tutorial

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RPing Tutorial Empty RPing Tutorial

Post  Fullmetal_Alchemist on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:28 pm

Just as it says, this is a tutorial for begginer RPers!

So, one Question you have got to have, is where do I start?
Go to the Characters section, and fill out a charcter form, to start RPing as that character!(ONLY one character per player, once/if that character dies, you may make another one.)
Also note that if your character seems to be OPed(over powered, which mewans his/her abilities are WAY too powerfull, like the ability to destroy the world by simply blinking, for example.)YOU MUST wait for a mod/admin to O.K. your character before RPing, though.

So, you've made a character, what now?
Well, then continue reading this tutorial on the correct way to RP.

there are three simple things you can do with your character as you are RPing, and those are:


This is when your character DOES something, VERY EASY, just put what ever he/she/it is doing inside asterisks. EXAMPLE: *dodges*


Even Easier, Either DON'T put the text inside ANY symbol, or put Quotes around what he/she/it it saying. EXAMPLE: "my, what a lovley day!"


Just as easy, simply ITALASIZE What ever he/she/it thinks. EXAMPLE: What is he doing?
you can also put what he/she/it says in parentases, but I like this way better.

**NOTE: if someone thinks something, like a dis, then you MUST act like you never heard it, bcus it was never said, not doing so angers alot of players.


Alright, you've tried out some of the tactics of normal RPing, now it's time to kick it up a noch!
Here are some Advanced ways to Rp:

1.Demon Talking
2.Demon Thinking
3.Raising one's voice

1.Demon Talking:

Alright, lets say you have a demon inside of you, and it either breaks out or it takes over your body, what you do BOLD ANYTHING this big-bad demon says. EXAMPLE:AAARRRRGGHH!

2.Demon Thinking:

You can use this if the demon thinks anything, or comunicates to the host through thought.
just like when it talks, bold it, but also Italasize it. EXAMPLE: WHAT THE **** is that boy doing?!?

3.Raising One's Voice:

Very easy, if your character is enraged, or is yelling, just capatalize ALL of the words he yells.


OOC(Out Of Character) is when you need to tell someone something will Rping, but it's not an action/thought/text of the character. put it in Parentases, but put OOC: in front of whatever you are trying to say. EXAMPLE: (OOC:I never did that...)


Does your character like to sing? or whistle? whell, then put this ~ in front of whatever he/she/it sings or whistles. EXAMPLE: "~oh, for he's a jolly good fello"

well, that's basicaly all I can tell you, we may add more, so check back often!
oh, and If your having trouble understanding, just look at some of the already made Rp posts for examples.


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