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The Ellusive Higher-ups...

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The Ellusive Higher-ups... Empty The Ellusive Higher-ups...

Post  Fullmetalman on Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:32 pm

that's right, they are coming back! but, due to financial issues, they have been in hiding for much longer then they have wanted to...
ANYWAY, I am going to be posting bios/ranks of all Higher-ups encountered HERE, so check the first post often.


#5 squad:
Nickname(s):Masked Man
Age: ???
Height: ???
Birthday: ???
Birthplace: ???
Weapon(s): So far, we only know he carries explosives.
Abilities:Cyrus has many abilities:
1. He is a master a psycological mayhem and dispare, Using minds tricks to illude the enemy.
2. He has an ultimate army of black beings with sickle-like claws on one hand and and ten eyes, no mouth. They appear out of portals and use energy sources as beacons to make more, and are made of a sticky, black ooze that reforms when destroyed.
3. He uses a lot of tricks involving childish toys and explosives.
4. he seems to be skilled in martial arts as well
Character's Friends: Unknown
Character's Rival(s)/Enemy(ies): Unknown
Positives of your character:Everything, he is an all-round person.
Negatives of your character:So far, none.
Alignment: (Organization not named yet)
Rank:#5 Squad Leader
Gender: Male
Battle Cry: (none)
Hairstyle:Slick silver hair, Like Sorrow.
Clothing:Normally a large brown trench coat, useful for storing lots of objects, accompanied by a brown top hat.
Nothing much else is known about this mysterious fellow, except that he did help our heroes out a few times, but whether he was doing it out of good will or orders from the "higher Ups" is unknown.

Nickname(s): Thunder Cat
Age: Somewhere in her twenties
Height: About 5' 3''
Birhtday: ??
Birthplace: ??
Weapon(s): A big, iron mallet that is very conductive.
Abilities: So far, we only know her abilities have something to do with lightning...
Character's Friends: ???
Character's Rival(s)/Enemy(ies): ???
Positives of your character:Although she is a woman, and a very skinny one at that, she is very strong, able to swing the huge mallet with ease.
Negatives of your character: ???
Alignment: (Organization Name not defined)
Rank:#5 Squad co-leader
Gender: Female
Battle Cry:???
Hairstyle:Puller-back into a pony tail fire-red hair.
Clothing:Baggy, Pink kimono pants with a red tank-top.
OTHER NOTES: Not very much else is known about this character...

#3 Squad:
Name: Zack
Nickname(s): (None on record)
Age: ??
Height: Around 51/2 feet tall
Birthday: ??
Birthplace: ??
Weapon(s): Two pistols that fire shots of pure energy.
Race: Human(??)
Ability:Can consentrate energy into the pistols to fire "Energy Bullets" without reloading.
Special Ability:Can concentrate a giant amount of energy into both pistols, and lock them together, firing either a long beam of energy OR a continuas barrage of bullets. He can also mimic energy patterns and create near-perfect replicas of whom ever he chooses.
Character's Friends: Other Members.
Character's Rival(s)/Enemy(ies): Yuri
Positives of your character:Great at long-range fighting, and apearantly recon as well.
Negatives of your character:bad with close range, but does know some fighting techniques.
Alignment: (Name of organization has yet to be discovered)
Rank: #3 squad leader
Gender: Male
Battle Cry: None
Hairstyle:Spiked, black hair.
Clothing: Torn-at-the-sleeves tee with a flaming skull design on the front. Basic blue jeans accompany it.
OTHER NOTES: Being at #3, he is a tough adversary and never misses a target. his incredible speed mix with his long range attacks, and make him almost untouchable.

Nickname(s):the Kick-man
Age: 540 yrs
Height: Around 7 feet
Birthday: ??
Birthplace: ??
Weapon(s): Two steel axes nailed to his legs, they slice through not only flesh and metal but also energy.
Race: Human(??)
Ability: His legs have mutually increased strength and speed.
Special Ability: His legs have ancient Kanji seals written on them, when unsealed, he moves three times faster then light(Has to have a constant flow of energy and have absorbed enough however) and he can steal peoples energy to heal wounds.
Character's Friends: Other members.
Character's Rival(s)/Enemy(ies): Zack
Positives of your character:Very good in close range, his speed is half of the reason he is so deadly, the other half is his extreme leg strength and ability to use them well.
Negatives of your character:Not exactly terrible, but he is at a disadvantage when fighting long range.
Alignment:(Organization has yet to be named...)
Rank:#3 Squad co-leader
Gender: Male
Battle Cry:(None)
Hairstyle: Blonde hair, cut to about neck-length and hangs over his head in a girlish fashion.
Clothing:Wheres a white robe, with puffed-up pants.
OTHER NOTES:he is extremely hyper and raring to go, he isn't the best at recon, but when him and his partner team up their is no stopping them! His legs steam when he is anxious, and glow when he is happy.


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