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The NEW character template

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The NEW character template Empty The NEW character template

Post  Fullmetalman on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:56 pm

If you want to use the new template, here:

Name(FULL NAME):Characters full Name, including Nick names
Age: Age of character
Height: Height of character

Color:Color of his/her/it's hair
Style: Style of hair
Length: Length of hair

Facial hair?(if yes, describe it): Any facial hair?
Eye style: What style of eyes does he/she/it have? Calm, content eyes, or serious stern eyes, etc.
Eye color:Color of the eyes

Background: A brief, two-paragraph Bio of the character.
Friends/family: And friends or family?
Likes:What does he/she/it like/dislike?(Put them next to the stars in the list, at least three are needed for each)
Date of Birth:When was he/she born?

Personality:What is he/she/it like?
Physical Weaknesses: Any weaknesses physically(HAS TO BE AT LEAST ONE)
Psycological Weaknesses: Any weaknesses involving the mind?(HAS TO BE AT LEAST ONE)
Ability-Related weaknesses: Any weaknesses that are ability-related?(HAS TO BE AT LEAST ONE)
Appearence:Supply either picture or description, at least one paragraph long.

Basic abilities:Any and all basic, NON LETHAL abilties. Can start with up to four.
Advanced abilities: CAN ONLY START WITH ONE, Non-lethal advanced ability.
Weapon(s): List weapons the character has if they have any.
Description of Weapon(s):Description of all weapons, including their abilities.
Advantages of character: List at least one advantage of the character.
Weaknesses of Character: List at least one disadvantage of the character.
Alliance:Tell what side the character is related to.
Gender:Obvious answer is obvious.
Race: '' '' '' '' '' ''
Location born in: Somewhere on the board, please?
RP Sample: You must provide a sample RP that shows how you would be RPing with the character.


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