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Final boats ready.

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Final boats ready. Empty Final boats ready.

Post  Kamikaze THC on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:30 pm

Well, its been fun. Really fun. But like Fullmetal said, this site is our Titanic. So, I say we honor our site with our and our characters' farewells. I'll just give mine........

Me: *Sigh*
Axel: Yeah...yeah...
Sean: Aw man...
Amber: We were so close, too.
Denidile: It is sad to see it vanish.
Me: I just wish that we did finish in time.
Axel: Well, wishing and doing are to different things.
Denidile: Axel!
Sean: Can we say our goodbyes now?
Me: Alright.
Axel: Yeah...
Amber: Okay...
Denidile: Yes...
Me: Goodbye banner I made in an hour and a half. I can't find the base for you any more, so your comin' with.
Sean: Goodbye all of the Crawlers and Castaways that I have made and the people I've cured.
Axel: So long F-ed up world that I was brought into....(and goodbye Shine.)
Amber: Farewell XANA and the family that I never knew.
Denidile: Farewell Father, Achataous, Feniri, Narafent, and every dragon that has changed their ways.
Sean: And goodbye Mah B...Slyce. I am seriously going to miss you. Sorrow....thank you for everything that you did for me.
Axel: Besides trying to kill you.
Me: Yo. Boat's here.
Amber: That's not a boat.
Axel: Its called Portal Breach for a reason.
Sean: Who knows where we'll end up.
Me: I will.
Sean: I repeat-
*Axel shoves him in*
Axel: Never gets old. Dragon?*Walks in*
Denidile: *Takes a deep breathe and walks in*
Amber: What about you?
Me: Unlike you, I don't have a destiny or story I have to follow. That and this is the only place you'll see your creator. Unless Portal Breach can bend the rules of Character/Creator communication.
Amber: Oh...then-
Me: For now, later...
Amber: I guess...*Walks into portal and it closes*
Kamikaze THC
Kamikaze THC

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Final boats ready. Empty Re: Final boats ready.

Post  Fullmetalman on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:19 pm

Well, since this is a final thread...

we can always come back to this idea in the future, later on, and try to revive the plot on a new site? Heh, it'll be a ways off, but hey-it could work out~


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